Home for Hounds – Bear

It’s month two of our Home for Hounds promotion with the Shoreham Dogs Trust and after a large number of enquires for Boogie the Beagle in January, it’s now the turn of Ben, and his quest to find a home for Bear the Golden Retriever.

You will see from the picture below that Ben has already shaken hands with Bear;

Ben: “IT’S A DEAL – I will find you a home!!”

Bear: “Pleasure doing business with you Ben”


Bear’s an endearing boy with tonnes of love to offer. Toys are his most favourite of things and he can often be found carrying one around with him! Bear adores to be in the company of people and would love to find a home where he can spend lots of time playing, doing fun training with and snuggling up next to his owners

If you, or someone you know would be interested in housing Bear then CONTACT US on 01903 524000/521000/520002 or directly with The Shoreham Dogs Trust on 01273 452576.

Please help us make sure Bear’s dream comes true and share this post with friends and family that might be able to help. For more information, photos and Videos on Bear CLICK HERE