Home for Hounds – TJ

The next chapter of our Home for Hounds promotion with the Shoreham Dogs Trust is underway, with our hope we can help find a home for another dog in need. This month features Chris and TJ, a loveable older crossbreed who loves nothing more than company of people and other dogs.


TJ is a lovely older boy with a puppy like spirit. He’s very playful and loves to engage in a game with his toys – he’ll happily chase after a football and simply loves a game of fetch. TJ also likes to show off his basic commands, in return of course for tasty treats.

TJ adores company, be that his favourite people or of other dogs. He can share a home with children over the age of 12 but is unsuitable for a home with cats. Despite being 12 years old TJ is still highly active and enjoys investigating on walks. His new owners should be steady on their feet and comfortable on managing his size as he can be strong at times.

If you, or someone you know would be interested in housing TJ then make contact with us on 01903 524000/521000/520002 or directly with Shoreham Dogs Trust on 01273 452576.

Please help us make sure TJ’s dream comes true and share this post with friends and family that might be able to help.

TJ will make a wonderful addition to the family. He really cannot wait to feel settled in and relish some home comforts.