The focus in everyone’s life

COVID-19 has become the focus in everyone’s life in one way or another, whether it be worrying about your business or job, your health, being away from family and friends – the list is endless.

The changes of day to day life has been big for everyone and for now this is the new normal.

When I was told I would be going on furlough until further notice I first saw this as an opportunity – when do you ever get given unlimited time to be at home?! 

So far furlough life has been fine. My husband & I moved last year so this has given me the time to sort out the garden that needed TLC – where do weeds even come from!? I started my own vegetable patch in the garden, brought garden furniture so we can enjoy the sunshine & general organising which you normally avoid.

I’ve started running again which I’m enjoying as I used to do this regularly and then I also do Joe Wicks YouTube work outs in the morning (ouch!). 

The first couple of weeks I enjoyed it – having the time do what you want at home as and when you please is lovely. I’m known for keeping my house very clean, so it’s been good to keep that up with the music on and the added bonus of the amazing sunshine we are having! Keeping in touch with family and friends is so important, especially in this situation, and it’s been nice to video call regularly rather than texting. 

Although being at home has been lovely, we remember that we still do not have the freedom to do everything as and when we please. A lot of my normal day to day activities and routine has been put on hold and that I am beginning to miss. I have a very active, social lifestyle and it has been a big adjustment. Not seeing my family is hard, we see each other often especially my grandchildren Emmie & Jacob who I babysit at least once a week. I’m missing the gym, meeting up with my friends and I am missing work. My work family are a big part of my life and I have the privilege to work with some amazing people. Also, it can get lonely as my husband is still working as a key worker.

Once everything starts to go back to normal, whenever that may be, I am looking forward to having structure in my life and doing all the things that I currently cannot do. Although, I think this time has taught all of us a lot of things and really given us the time to relax and rejuvenate. It has opened our eyes on how much we take for granted, even something as little as going to the carvery for a quick dinner for me. Simple things are free and health really is wealth. 

For now all that my family, friends & I can do it stay positive, keep active, communicate and stay safe. 

Jenny Murphy