What a mad world we are living in

Well what a mad world we are living in today.

Never in my lifetime did I imagine the concept of social distancing due to an invisible killer. Not one to take the negative out of a bad situation but to draw close attention to the positives it brings.

I myself am on maternity leave but miss my Bacon family so very much. It has made me evaluate what is most important in life. The simple things.

Whilst on normal daily basis I’m rushing here and there, school runs, nursery runs juggling a teething baby play dates etc etc it really doesn’t give you the time to sit back and smell the flowers as the saying goes. Now we do, we all do. Time to have that all important family breakfast and having conversations.

Attentively interacting with our miracles that are our little mini mees that we have created. I have seen so many people that I pass on my allocated walk really taking their time, taking in the changing season, laughing with their children. The sound of bikes with bells, rollerblades or scooters replaces the sounds of cars and beeping of horns from frustrated drivers.

The birds seem to chirp that much louder as they are not drowned out by our fast paced life.

I look up at the sky and it’s the brightest I have ever seen it. I feel extremely lucky in fact to witness a brief detox of our world which was very much needed.

My youngest has had the best quality time with her dad that she never would of had, my two eldest embrace ‘mummy school’ as it’s fun.

I know the world is a crazy and scary place at the moment but my advice is to take the positives, the things that make you smile. For me that’s my friends my family and my crazy work gang that I could never be without. I cannot wait to see all of your faces. Share our jokes, make each other smile, the odd prank here or there, pile up the washing in the sink (sorry Nat), furthermore just be around each other taking pride in what we do and doing it well.

We spend our days finding families their perfect home but in my eyes our team are the luckiest people because we share the best home that money can’t by and that’s Bacon and Company. I love you all and miss you guys so much. Thank you for being a piece in what I am fortunate to say is a complete puzzle. Till we meet again….. 

Natasha Wheeler
Senior negotiator