From the moment I heard that our doors were shutting

My personal experience to lockdown

From the moment I heard that our doors were shutting for an unknown period of time my heart sank, worrying for my friends and (bacon) family was almost consuming.

As the days followed a new routine had to begin with my family, having a 5 month old daughter safety was of course my first thought, along with having two other children, making sure that they don’t fall behind with school work, staying focused was something that was always important.

I tried to find new structure to replace my old one and daily routine, but now entering into week five I have realised that what I thought was important isn’t quite what I first thought.

The first weeks priorities were in a sense to keep up my normal life, but I soon realised that it was impossible, how can you in this situation, as many are saying it unprecedented!

Instead I have had time to reflect and realised that all that’s important is the safety and happiness of the people around you, waking up late, family time, being with my daughter to watch her grow, these are all moments that wouldn’t have happened without this awful unprecedented situation.

My thoughts go to others who’s experience hasn’t been the same, but so long as my friends and family stay safe this time has truly been a blessing, furthermore I believe a blessing for the world itself.

To my work family I would like to thank everyone for enabling me to have this opportunity without the worry of my job itself, I know others hard work and commitment are what have given me this chance without the extra stresses and concerns.

Ben Davis
Senior negotiator