The Struggles of Lockdown with a Curious One-Year-Old

My name is Amy and I’d like to share my lockdown experience with you.

It’s been a very challenging time, especially trying to explain to my one year old why she isn’t able to see her family. The only interaction she has had is via facetime, where she can see her Granny, Papa, Aunties and Cousins. This in itself is a challenge, as all she wants is the phone and doesn’t understand why she can’t. We have been facetiming daily so Evie is staying connected with all the family.

During this unprecedented time, we have maintained our routine so Evie isn’t too disorientated. We have been having fun, learning nursery rhymes, which Evie loves. Her favourite is Row Row Row Your Boat. (or as Evie likes to call it Row Row).

We are lucky as we have a beautiful garden where we can escape to for a change of scenery. The weekdays are also broken up for Evie when her big sister comes to visit, whom she adores.

The best part of the day is when Daddy comes home from work and takes over so Mummy can have a break, with a cheeky glass of wine or two, (I’m sure I’m not alone), for all you mummies and daddies out their sharing the same experience. The life of a parent in lockdown.

Naturally some days are more challenging than others, as entertaining a One-Year-Old all day is very tiring.

Although I wouldn’t have it any other way. #mummylife #daughter #happy #2020lockdown.

Amy Ledwith
Sales negotiator