Relocation experts

Trust Bacon and Company to bring you expert, unbiased advice.

Bacon and Company is a hand-picked part of the Relocation Agent Network, a 750-strong collective of independent estate agents around the UK, all passing home buyers and vendors to each other. It’s the perfect service for anyone moving to a different (and possibly unfamiliar) part of the country.

Run by Cartus – the world’s largest relocation company – the Relocation Agent Network connects your local estate agent with another in your destination district. You’ll be given free advice about your move, along with inside information about the area and potential properties for you to view.

So if you’re looking to move to West Sussex from Yorkshire, for example, you can call your Relocation Agent Network member in Yorkshire, who’ll contact Bacon and Company. We’ll then be able to provide a shortlist of homes that fit your needs and answer any queries about our area – at no cost to you whatsoever.

Similarly, if you need to relocate away from West Sussex, in one simple step you can get in touch with Bacon and Company. We’ll then contact a suitable agent in your destination to look for your ideal home and pass on that all-important advice about the region’s suitability for your requirements. In the meantime we’ll also be able to handle your property sale in our local area – again saving you time and money.