Home for Hounds – Rodney

The next chapter of our Home for Hounds promotion with the Shoreham Dogs Trust is underway, with our hope we can help find a home for another dog in need. This month features Tracey and Rodney, a loveable cross bread from London, who like many homeowners, has decided to leave the City, for the beaches and countryside of Worthing & Shoreham!

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Rodney is a very sweet 6-year-old Crossbreed who enjoys spending time with people. Despite his big and bold appearance, Rodney is a real softie and has been described as a gentle giant. He enjoys a good run about on his walks and will love to join his special someone exploring his surroundings and investigating new smells.

Rodney is a friendly chap when meeting most dogs but is also happy to do his own thing and prefers to have all the attention for himself. He would like to be the only pet at home and could live teens over the age of 14. Due to his love of human companionship, Rodney can find alone time somewhat unsettling. Therefore, he’s eager to find a home with owners who will always be around in the initial stages until he can gradually learn to feel comfortable on his own.

If you, or someone you know would be interested in housing Rodney then make contact with us on 01903 524000/521000/520002 or directly with Shoreham Dogs Trust on 01273 452576.
Please help us make sure Rodney’s dream comes true and share this post with friends and family that might be able to help. For more information, photos and Videos on Rodney click here