Why are Bi-fold doors so popular in today’s market?

2Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular choice when looking to maximise space and light. The concertina design can literally open up an entire wall of glass, connecting the inside to the outside with a level threshold. When closed, the expanse of glass offers a much larger view in comparison to a standard window or door. In smaller properties, bi-folds will give the illusion of space as your eye continues beyond the back of the house.

Bi-fold doors have taken the home improvement industry by storm in the last decade, and continue to be one of the more popular choices for the rear of the home in place of patio or French doors.

A contemporary grey is the most popular choice of colour however white and black are also effective colours we have seen recently.

contemporary grey bi-fold doorsBi-folds

Bi-fold doors are a flexible choice, allowing homeowners to make the most of the connection between their home and outside space. Made up of multiple door ‘leaves’, Bi-folds can occupy a huge range of opening sizes – typically anything from 2-8.

When they are opened, you get a practically uninterrupted view of your garden, decking, patio, or balcony and beyond. In the summer this is obviously a desirable and practical feature.

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