Stepping up to Director roles

Bacon and Company Directors David Hughes and Wayne Kenward are delighted to announce that after many years with the company Scott Taylor and Anna Currey have now become Directors.

Managing Director David Hughes commented ‘Our recognisable and successful brand has made us one of Worthing’s leading estate agents. This success is based on our customers recognising that our staff have been with us for a long time. Their knowledge of dealing with the property market has proved invaluable, ensuring that customers’ expectations aren’t just managed but, importantly, are exceeded, resulting in both seller and purchaser satisfaction. This is supported by, an independent Estate Agents review site, whereby customers consistently give Bacon and Company 5 Star reviews.’

Scott Taylor began his career as an estate agent in 1991 and after 28 years his job still excites and challenges him. ‘Having joined Bacon and Company In May 2005, I have sat at my current desk in Broadwater for 14 years and the greatest compliment to me is the amount of repeat business and recommendations I receive.

I fell into estate agency through an apprenticeship and loved it, but hated how much people disliked agents. I therefore have always tried to do all I can to change that perception by giving my all and I delight in finding new ways to give our customers additional added value’.

Anna Currey began her career in 1998 and joined Bacon and Company In 2003 . With hard work and dedication, she is in the minority of women who have successfully transitioned into becoming a director in the industry . ‘Everyday I work tirelessly to impress clients with what our company is able to do and show clients we certainly are not the stereotypical agent they may think we are. I feel the reviews of Bacon and Company really highlight this and I am extremely proud of the continued high level of our customer service.’

Wayne Kenward added ‘ Bacon and Company ‘ has now been a leading independent agent since 1990 and during that time we have built our reputation on outstanding customer service.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience for yourself by visiting one of our local branches.

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